alone at night in the office

There’s a new Mayhem & Cuddles up now, which I wrote and cranked out in a single night.  I started to get a little bit slappy while inking (thanks to Tom Racine’s Tall Tale Radio podcast for playing all night and helping me keep sane), and had to take breaks because at one point I;

-had an allen key fall out of my back pocket, making me think I was sitting on a bug somehow (don’t ask), and freaked out.

-realized Tessa was watching “Twin Peaks” on DVD downstairs, which made me see things out of the corner of my eye that WASN’T the dog, which scared the shit out of me.  I sit at the desk with my back to the door…

Oh hey, it’s a fine-tipped Sharpie pen that I consider my new Excalibur, drawn from the Lady of the Lake that is the stationary isle of my local CVS.  Inked about 80% of this comic with this pen, it might end up replacing my Prismacolor 05 pen.

Almost done with pencils.  I drew this out-of-sequence because I was writing it on the fly just based on a visual gag in my brain.  I know everyone says not to ink over pencils and then erase because it weakens the black lines, but whatever.  I really don’t see it.

Nowhere NEAR everything I used, but what I did a lot of the heavy lifting with in terms of drawing.  Constantly try new pens and stuff out, use what works and what you love until your supply runs out, then never be able to find those exact ones ever again…it’s a vicious cycle.

In less brain-numbing news, I ordered a new larger coffeemaker, which I am supremely excited about.  Now I can make 12 cups of coffee’s worth of coffee, and drink every last drop by myself.


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