So I’ve decided that I’m going to be making myself available to take some commissions.

Drawing for free is for jive chumps and French Communists, so I’ve decided to bring joy and capitalism to the masses by drawing for money.  I will draw shit for you, usually characters/busts/three-quarter characters, for your fat dollars, giving you art to display.

They’ll basically look like this, except personalized.  You can get something small for $10 and something larger for $15;

A few things;

  • No color, all B&W.
  • You pay through PayPal up front.
  • If you’re a fan of mine enough to want a piece of art, you know I’m no Jim Lee, so maybe keep it simple?
  • Yes, I will draw you and your significant other, yes I will draw a superhero for you.
  • NO PORN. No slash, nothing like Charlie Brown making out with Blue Beetle while the blue guy from “Watchmen” watches in the background.
  • There’s no standard of size beyond “small” and “bigger than small”, depending on what you ask.  I will let you know what size it is once it’s done, before it gets mailed out.

Email me at for details.


2 thoughts on “Commissions

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