Check out “Pinned To The Fridge”!

Thanks to the magic of MagCloud, I’ve got a minicomic out!  It’s called “Pinned To The Fridge”, and it’s a collection of WAFFLES and MAYHEM & CUDDLES strips, along with the set of strips I did called SALAD DAYS, my failed pitch/entry for the Washington Post’s “The Next Great American Cartoonist” or whatever it was called, from last year.

It’s $10.00 on Magcloud, and you can also get it as a digital download for $1.00. I know that’s a little steep, but the paper’s quality, it’s stitch-bound, and color.


There’s also a little informal intro text piece about each of the three titles, as well as three blank pages for you to draw your own interpretations of my characters (sorta like pinups).  Draw something in there, take a pic or a scan of it, and email it to me (at and I’ll feature it on my blog here.

I know it’s all material you can find for free online, but come on, it’s a physical comic, which is always awesome to have an arguably better than something just digital (although getting just a digital copy is cool too).

It’d mean a lot to me if you got one, spread the word about them, shit like that.


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