Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…

…AAAAAAAAnd we’re back!

Tessa and I just got back from a trip to Iowa to visit some friends of ours who were getting married.  It was a beautiful ceremony and we had a lot of fun being amongst old and new friends.

We’d never been to Iowa before, and it’s a VERY long drive, so it was a bit of a shock trip-wise, we drove A LOT. Grinnell IA and Grinnell College are beautiful, actually gave me a lot of ideas for something. Also had the best meal we’d ever had in a cafe/diner in Kickapoo IL.

Anyway, we’re hitting the ground running, so to speak.  There’s a new Waffles;

I’m very proud of the way that this logo came out, I think i worked on it more than I’ve ever worked on an aspect of a strip ever.

There’s also a new gag comic, which now that I’m a dog owner is basically my whole life;

And of course…I’ve got a minibook/minicomic going on! “Pinned To The Fridge” volume 1 is up now and available at MagCloud, either digitally or physically. For $10 (a little steep, I know) you get a nice slick-paper collection of some of my best comics so far.  You can also get a digital copy of the book for just a buck, which I think is rad. Also, there are a few blank pages in the back, which I have set aside for people to draw in!

If you buy a copy of the minibook and then draw your own take on my characters, like say the cast of Waffles, take a picture or a scan of it and send it to me.  I’ll be posting them on the site here!  Volume 2, another collection of stuff I’ve done that’s not necessarily organized online (or online at all!) is coming together soon, and I’ll be establishing a bit of a collection of minibooks over there over time.

See you later! Buy my shit! Get a commission!


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