collections, cafepress, and coffee

Oh yeah, so I got a CafePress store!

You can pick up coffee mugs and stickers (for now) featuring art from strips and gag comics. There’ll be more stuff like shirts coming soon, I just got it off the ground. But check it out periodically, I’ll be updating it and letting everyone know.  Stay tuned.

If you’ve got a particular strip or whatever you’d like in shirt/coffee cup form, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!

Also, volume 2 of “Pinned To The Fridge” is up at my MagCloud store! It’s 8 bucks (or digital for just 1), and features various one-page comics from my sketchbook, a little art, and the complete run of my webcomic Let Sleeping Dogs. Plus, blank pages for you to draw my characters and send to me for me to post!

Anyway, more coming soon, so stay tuned dudes and dudettes.


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