A few things

*) I’m featured as today’s “Locals Q&A” at Cbusr.com.  Cbusr.com is a locally-oriented website featuring young freelancers and professionals to assist in networking and spotlighting random local creative/working-types, like me.  It’s a cool concept, using the Internet as a strictly local tool like that.

*) I sat down yesterday with no real ideas, just in the mood to draw some comics.  The first one’s been about 2/3 done for a little while already, and just needed me to finish inking it.  The second one I came up with on the fly, I actually really like the way it came out;

Of course, the two are up at the portfolio/display site (which I recently changed the look of, for the better I think!), so if you wanna spread the word direct them here.

*) Don’t forget that you can still get any of the 3 minicomic collections I’ve got at MagCloud, including volume 3, which is mostly new and unseen comics!  I’ve also still got openings for commissions, and my CafePress merch store’s open with tote bags, notebooks, and coffee cups! I might be adding postcards soon, working on a few designs in the upcoming future.


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