Hey, it’s some single-panel comics!

As usual, you can see all of the ones I’ve done here (renamed “The Pen & Marker Brigade”).

I really like doing these little single-panel comics, I can write and pencil one in an hour or so, and get a crack on the inking too.  I’m sure if I didn’t have to worry about stuff like taking care of the dog, bills, work, going to the bathroom, etc…I could crank a bunch out in a single day.

The first one was inspired by something I’ve just seen around at restaurants and diners throughout the years, especially with the advent of Twitter on smartphones. Also, I love making fun of couples who think they’re oh-so-clever doing everything related to their relationship through the Internet in a really obnoxious manner (like complaining through Facebook and Twitter).

Tessa and I have jokingly done stuff like that, communicating with each other through social networking when we’re sitting next to each other on the couch. It’s pretty impossible to do with a straight face.  That others are pretty serious in it always cracks me up.  “Hold on, we just had a fight and I have to post a 6-page rant about how he’s bad in bed on Facebook…”

The second comic I just thought up as I was trying out a new supermarket recently. It’s just as well-priced as the one we previously used, and closer to the house, so right now it’s our new supermarket.  However, shopping there made me wonder for a second if I was subconsciously thinking about using that market because it looks “cooler” and more similar to hipster food-markets like Whole Foods, with more varied selections and exotic products…then I looked at the stack of frozen meals and lunchmeats in my cart and stopped being stupid.

However, someone putting genuine thought into where they shop because of trivial shit like that and going out of their way and budget for the sake of shopping for food “where it matters” is just too funny to pass up.

Hoping to have more comics done soon, so keep on checking in here and at the other site.


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