What’s your favorite?

My copy of “Favorites: ‘Critics, Artists, and Bloggers on the Comics They Love –  A Fundraiser for Team Cul De Sac‘” came in the mail today, and it’s awesome!

A ‘zine put together by Craig Fischer of the comic book blog The Panelists, Favorites is part of the fundraising efforts for Team Cul De Sac.  It’s a collection of short essays by various bloggers, authors, critics, cartoonists, and fans about their favorites.  Favorite comics, favorite panels, favorite specific issues, favorite characters.

It was being sold at the convention HeroesCon a few weekends ago, my copy’s (and signed by Richard Thompson!) for contributing an essay about MY favorite comic, Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.

As soon as I find out on how for others to buy the ‘zine online, I’ll be posting information, so stay tuned.


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