The walls are closing in!

A few things;

Hey, guess who got around to finally doing a new Mayhem & Cuddles strip! And has a beard, a beer gut, and two thumbs? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!

The joke’s threefold;

A) I know it’s been a while since I did Mayhem & Cuddles. Believe me, I know, not to mention that I’ve left it aside in favor of other comic and writing projects, or so it seems.  I swear I haven’t forgotten my first and foremost comic, the one I’ve cut my cartooning teeth on the most.

B) The totally obvious one about me using that particular phrase at the end as well as me nerding out about newspaper comics. This tends to happen a lot.

C) I literally drew this page on a smaller piece of paper than I usually do for Mayhem & Cuddles strips. I got the idea from a recent blog post about tools and processes from Dustin Harbin and him describing how he cuts paper in half to make smaller paper and smaller, more precise comics. I cut a sheet of Strathmore Bristol Smooth 10×13.5 (I think that’s the size) in half width-wise, and worked on one of those halves (instead of the usual full sheets of Bristol Smooth 9×11.5).

I like how it came out quite a bit, and plan on keeping upcoming M&C strips the same size.


I have a new piece up at Shareable about the community-building side of higher education, something I’ve been thinking about a lot as I teach and entrench myself more and more in education. I’m quite proud of this piece.

You can check out “College Community, Not Just Community College” here.

I’m not dedicated to any sort of set schedule of posting there right now, but enjoy doing it when it comes to me, so be on the lookout for more, not to mention more comics as well.


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