a reminder to buy some of my stuff

Forgive me while I shill some stuff…

Did you know I have merch available? You can get pint glasses and coffee mugs, tote bags, notebooks and stickers all featuring art from Mayhem & Cuddles, my single-panel comics, and Waffles, and even some books! Yes, books! Collections of my webcomics in physical form!

So go, buy some of my stuff so I can buy dog food and coffee and afford to pay my cable bill and maintain watching “The Big C” on Showtime and using the Internet!

All We Own Are Horror Movies – the Best of 2 Years of ‘Mayhem & Cuddles'” @ Lulu.com – Some of my favorites from MAYHEM & CUDDLES, the webcomic I’ve been doing the longest and also the one I did first. it’s a semi-autobiographical strip about my fiancee and I living together.  It’s also an experiment in using Lulu to make POD (print on demand) books.

“Pinned To the Fridge” volumes 1, 2, and 3 @ MagCloud – Collections of my favorite comics from everything I’ve done, from MAYHEM & CUDDLES to gag comics to one-off things from my sketchbooks to WAFFLES and SALAD DAYS. Volume 3, “Going The Distance”, is actually about 90% previously-unseen stuff I’ve never posted on here my blog, which is where most of my sketchbook art and comics end up.

My merch store @ CafePress – I figured hey, I drink a lot coffee, why not see if I can put my art on coffee mugs? So I did! Then I said to myself, what about beer glasses, I like beer too…so I did that! I’ve got a small collection of stuff here and will be periodically rotating art/merchandise, so get the tote bags and notebooks and WAFFLES coffee mugs while they’re there!

Commissions commissions commissions! – Also, don’t forget that I will draw you stuff for money…available for serious hire or if you want me to draw you Thor wrestling Batman while a zombie Batgirl watches (or whatever). I mean, I just drew something sorta immature and gross involving Marvel Cosmic as a commission, so really, my tolerance for insanity is hard to cross.

So there ya go…help me buy dog food, pay my bills, buy paper to draw on, buy ink for my brushes and pens and lead for my pencils.


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