dandelion-eaters & jaded youth

I’m on a roll with editorial/single-panel comics these days;

Thinking a lot about whether or not to keep posting them both here as well as at the Tumblr site I have set up. It feels a little redundant.  However, seeing as how I treat the other site as less a “webcomic home” and more of an online portfolio to store and display them, I think I might just quit kicking myself unnecessarily and just keep on doing it.

Moving on…

I’ve been on a real Berkeley Breathed kick lately.

When I was a kid, I read comics.  I read superhero stuff, sure, but the comics that, for a long time, dominated my reading habits were old inherited The Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian comics, various The Far Side collections, and newspaper comics in the English-language newspapers my parents got (I grew up for a while overseas).

About this time my parents noticed and got me into tearaway calenders featuring comics from my favorite newspaper strips, usually the ones I loved like The Far Side or Doonesbury or Non Sequitur. In hindsight I wonder what the hell we were all thinking, because I was WAAY too young to be fully understanding everything about the jokes and stories in those comics.

Then I got a calender titled “Opus,” and it totally changed my life.

Here’s the original image;

That little updated “Meadow Morals Squad” thing just sort of took life in my sketchbook as I was looking at Breathed stuff while at my computer, and next thing you know I’m inking it over my super-sketchy pencils with a random pen off the desk.

Anyway, I’ve got more stuff coming up soon, so stay tuned you hepcats or whatever it is that the kids call each other these days.


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