Of updates and paper stock

I’ve been on a roll when it comes to some new Mayhem & Cuddles comics, have you checked ’em out recently?

I’m enjoying the new layout and format I’ve got going with smaller paper, which leads to more concise strips.  Once I get a backlog going again of both M&C as well as single-panel comic jokes/stories, I’ll be even more on track with trying to create comics on a regular schedule.

Or at least until I run out of paper…

Speaking of which, I’m strongly considering switching paper types to Bristol Vellum Cardstock instead of Strathmore Bristol Board. Mark Tatulli, the creator of Heart Of The City and Lio, mentioned doing the same thing when he was on some podcast I was listening to, and liked the change immensely.

The paper weight’s different, but considering I’ve been using drastically different paper types (significantly thinner/lighter than Bristol Board) for my single-panel comics, I figured it won’t be too drastic a change.  Anyone else have experience with paper changes like that?


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