A whole mess of trouble

Oh lordy lordy, there’s so much going on!

-I’ve launched a new project, a comic book interview/writings site called Eat The Funny Pages. You can go there to check out a mini-interview, a feature I’m calling “Off The Top Of My Head,” with Kevin Czapiewski. I’m hoping to have more spotlights and interviews, as well as quotes and written pieces, soon.

-I’ve gotten back on track with Fistfight At The Arthouse, there’s a bunch of stuff up and a bunch more coming. I know I’ve been ignoring that site recently, but I’m trying to fit more writing and reviewing in these days. I’m trying to remedy that with more book/TV/movie reviews and writings.

-There’s a new blog post over at Shareable.Net about criticism within radical communities. It’s inspired by a few different stories and trends in writing online I’ve seen recently.

-At some point too, I managed to scrape together a new essay for The Comic Book as the Ideal in Storytelling on my favorite comic ever, Calvin and Hobbes. It’s not the most inspired or unique academic take on the comic but I’m highlighting one of my favorite aspects of the comic. I like it.

-In comic-making new, Mayhem & Cuddles has a few more scheduled updates before I officially run out of a backlog, but there’s more in the works when it comes to comics from me in the upcoming weeks/months. I’m hoping to find a medium between cartooning and just writing, and at least continue with the comic adventures of Tess and I.

Stay tuned for more, boys and girls. I’m gonna go watch some “Jersey Shore” and listen to Slayer.


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