Scrap Paper, Sneak Peeks, Saving Comics

I know a lot of my focus the past week or so hasn’t been on cartooning, as teaching and writing have moved to the front. I figured I’d scrape together some stuff that’s been sitting around in my sketchbook and on my desk, comic-wise.


Tessa and I were in the office last month, and I got my hands on some nice-sized pieces of scrap print paper, so I decided to just do these as I was sitting around.  The files are labeled “comics_commentary” on my desktop (numbered 1 through 4) but they’re really mostly just jokes/observations about comics after a rough day of reading some comic book criticism.

Obviously these aren’t long-form legitimate and in-depth criticisms or actual commentary about other critics, I’ve just gotten increasingly disenchanted with some comics criticism and I’m poking fun at all of it.

This is just me going back to one of several back-burner comic projects, trying to refine some of the ideas for it.  As one project moves all the way to the back of the metaphorical cartooning stove, this one does move up a bit. Don’t worry, writing, single-panel editorials and M&C will still be going, this is just writing/sketchbook shenanigans for now.

This is just something I like to work on when I get a chance to, which is turning out to be less and less often recently. However, I’m passionate enough about eventually trying to do it that I think it’ll be really good when I finalize it.

Last but not least…so, could anyone remind me what this is?

No really, I don’t know. Could you tell me? I forgot.

…I’m just kidding, I know exactly what this is.  Since I took these pictures I’ve moved on to the pencils for this particular thing. I don’t know if it’s going to end up in the outlet I initially planned on it, but regardless it’ll eventually get done.

Good God, that’s a lot of sketching and comic-making. A bunch of stuff has also been posted at Mayhem & Cuddles with what I feel like are some of the best comics I’ve done (still not good to my own critical eye, but better than I used to draw).

Stay tuned for more stuff, I tend to post stuff on Twitter as it goes up, but then group updates/reminders here. Have a good weekend.


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