Stay Inking, Baby

Just checking in.

I have a new teaching position right now that it eating up A LOT of time and energy right now, but the comics, they are a-comin’, I swear. I am working on some Mayhem & Cuddles, some one-off comics, editorial stuff, and the comic short I’m doing with Stephen Garza (which I am calling The Mansion even though that’s not its real title!) is slowly coming together.

Also, Eat The Funny Pages is rolling along at a nice pace. It’s not a daily update like it was when I started, but I’m really enjoying the conversations I’m having, and what the site is becoming.

Don’t forget that the best way to follow me is on Twitter these days, as well as my worklog/shenanigans on Tumblr. That being said, I am sick so I am gonna watch TV, do some teaching stuff, and eat some nice spicy vegetarian chili to clear myself out.


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