I am overwhelmed

…but that’s besides the point.

Not a bad little promo for some ballpoint pen and printer paper, huh?

This is Overwhelmed, something done alongside Mayhem & Cuddles. Classic 3- to 4-panel hand-done B&W strips. Anyway, sort of like how I used to do Waffles alongside M&C, this new strip is something I’ll do when I have the time and when a strip manages comes to me. If you know me you know I really like all sorts of comics, even “boring” newspaper cartoons about “boring” stuff like families and kids and pets.

To give you a hint about how long I’ve been kicking this idea around, I was initially going to spin this out of Waffles, probably almost a year ago. Comics will be starting over there soon, I’m trying to build up a backlog, but there are about four ready now, with more to come. I’m mostly announcing this to make sure that, if it’s out in the open, it’ll be harder for me to ignore and forget, forcing me to work on it.

Stay tuned…


One thought on “I am overwhelmed

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