Lettering & holiday-season blogging

I’ve been thinking more and more about trying some digital lettering, especially as my comic productivity begins to ramp up. I’m normally Mr. Hand-Lettering 100%, but as I’ve started work on what’s called Project BOOM, I might need to end up doing some digital lettering.

The Nullspace was a sketchbook thing I did earlier this year and posted here. I went back and decided to give it a more digital approach;

What do you guys think? Anyway, as I work on comics and teaching, blog posts not related to those will be non-existent until WAY after the whole of the holiday seasons is over. I’ll see you guys soon or whatever, Overwhelmed is coming along nicely, Project BOOM is getting off the ground, and a few other writing-related comic projects are trudging along.

Stay posi, guys.


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