more digital lettering experiments

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Hope your holiday season start was a good one!

Here’s THE WALL, another one-page comic I did a while back, that I went back and did some digital lettering to replace the physical hand-lettering I originally did for the comic.

I feel like I might manage to get into the swing of digital lettering, though in the end doing hand-lettering will always be my favorite. Anyway, check it out;

I know it doesn’t look that awesome since the word balloon itself is still hand-drawn and uneven, but I still think that it’s not that bad. I just like teaching myself new cartooning skills and learning new ways to make comics. The way I see it also, if you’re not constantly trying to challenge yourself (even in small ways) as you make comics, then you’re not comic-ing to your full potential.

I’m hoping to have some stuff to show soon, so stay tuned!


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