starting something up…

Why, whatever could this be?

Could this possibly one of the more ambitious things I’ve started these days? Quite possibly…I’m starting a 20-or-so page comic that’s heavy on the “things I’ve never really done before” elements. It’s scary and exciting.

I’m about 10 pages into stage 1. It’s referred to in my notes as “Project BOOM,” because…haha! I’m not telling! I don’t know how it’s going to appear, and in terms of showing off some more I can’t really do that now because I’m having issues with my scanner, but like I said I’m incredibly excited about this. I’m toying with the idea of this comic being a print-exclusive POD with backup comics and some pinups, but I’m not entirely sure. Either way we’ll see.

This particular project feels like something I’ve thought about for a while when it comes to comics, especially when I occasionally compare my earlier work to my current work. You always have to not only work for yourself (create what you want, not what you think will be popular), but you also have to try to push yourself. If I didn’t try to experiment and push myself, I don’t think I’d really consider myself a REAL cartoonist.

Or maybe I’m just talking out my ass. Well, regardless keep checking back about this, Twitter is, as always, the best way to keep up on my stuff.


2 thoughts on “starting something up…

  1. lobsterboy

    wow! congrats on starting this new project. I agree that you have to push yourself and do work that you love rather than what you think people will love, that never works. It’s scary though, because you’re putting yourself out there in the unknown, tying new things, making mistakes, failing. But that’s life and it’s exciting. Good luck with it, hope to see more updates soon :)

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