The Year Ahead

Stoked to be back hitting the ground running so to speak.

  • THE DOOM ON THE MOORS from me and Stephen Garza is coming along nicely, and is hopefully going to end up being the first chapter of a much larger thing, something I’ve always loved. They always say to do what you love, right? I’m excited about what’s turning into the very exciting adventures of…ahh, almost spoiled it didn’t I??
  • OVERWHELMED returns next week, I’m hoping to keep the ball rolling with that weekly, every Tuesday.
  • Project: BOOM! is moving along slowly but steadily. I’ve written and drawn about 1/3 of it, and I’m hoping to move onto inks and lettering next week. I will say that it’s not a webcomic, and that I nailed down the cover design before my “Christmas vacation” last month.
  • Some non-comic/nonfiction writing is in the works too, I just posted a new interview up at my interview-oriented cartoonist blog Eat The Funny Pages. I’m slowly working on an essay or two for my “academia of comics” blog The Comic Book As The Ideal In Storytelling as well, and trying to rack up some non-comic freelance work on the side. Plus I’m teaching my research & writing class as well.
  • Also, don’t forget I still have POD books and original art for sale, commission slots, and am totally free for some writing or drawing if you need any of it, though I have to limit work for others to stuff-for-pay right now, since I do enough for free on my own.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good holidays. I did, and now I’m stoked to get 2012 going.


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