I started lettering and inks on AWESOME TALES #1 a few nights ago. It’s a little scary to get started on what I’ve considered my most ambitious comic so far, but I figured the worst that would happen is I’d have to re-draw the whole page after screwing up.

My hope is to get through at least half a page a sitting, so right now I’m good. It’s a slow rate of progress, but I’m trying to also fit other work in, and I’m not in any rush. I’d initially wanted to letter the whole thing first, but I find that I enjoy the progress of lettering a whole page and then immediately cracking into inking it works too. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really like seeing a page “come to life” when you put the inks down.

I haven’t started flattening the pages, but considering all the books and boards I have around, that shouldn’t be too bad before I start scanning. Anyway, back to work…


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