Late-night cartooning…

Spent a good chunk of last night working on comics. I tend to work a lot and best (it seems) at night…

I am 1/5 of the way into lettering and inking AWESOME TALES! #1, and it is getting easier and easier. I really love working on this project, and I really feel like I’m learning a lot about comics as I work on this. I’ve never really worked with grayscale markers this much before, but it’s definitely adding a lot to the pages.

I’m gonna try to scan and officially post a page or so in the upcoming future. These’ll be rough unedited pages, but hey, gotta hustle when you’re DIY.

Just a little panel from the OVERWHELMED strip I did last night as well. I’m moving away from single-shot gags into a bit more of multi-strip storyarcs, mostly to accommodate the new (as-of-now) upcoming character. Grandma was out-of-panel introduced recently, but will definitely be making a few appearances in the upcoming weeks.


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