costa reviews comics

I used to do it a lot more, but critical writing isn’t really on my to-do-list and workload these days, with teaching and drawing/writing my own comics. While I’m not really reviewing much stuff like music, books, or comics these days, I’ve started to occasionally do something resemble a “review” of comic books I read over at my Tumblr, under the tag “Costa Reviews Comics.”

The ones up now are my takes on UNDERGROUND, JOE THE BARBARIAN, TASKMSTER: UNTHINKABLE, and the original AGENTS OF ATLAS miniseries. Compared to the more formalized writing I used to do, this is unstructured, unorganized, and completely subjective and rambling.

Now, the thing is I’m not soliciting being sent comics to review. At all. Don’t send me .PDF’s of your comics or links to webcomics, because I’m not gonna do anything other than probably delete the email. Sorry, but these are all comics I read and write about for my own pleasure and that I buy with my own money, and it’s how I plan to keep it. There’s no timeliness to this at all, I’m mentioning it here primarily because I just like sharing about my own heavily-biased opinions.

Anway, enjoy, I’m mostly going through my own library right now, so I guess it’s a chance to see what I read in my spare time.


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