Busy busy busy…

Continuing my personal goal to post here often as well as work on comics as often as possible…I figured this is also a great way to drum up some awareness of my comics, since OVERWHELMED and AWESOME TALES are eating up a lot of my spare time.

“The Doom On The Moors” from THE ADVENTURES OF IAN QUARRY is more or less out of my hands right now and in Stephen’s hands (or rather his drawing board), and anyway I’m just the writing half of that particular brainchild, so I work on it anywhere. The couch, the kitchen table, on the road, at work…I think I actually wrote most of it in my tiny old apartment in NYC over a weekend, then refined it as time went on.

What my drawing table looks like these days…why do these pictures always look so dark? It’s daylight, the blinds are drawn in the office, and I’ve got lights on so my lighting can be perfect! Anway;

1. Finished (lettered and inked) pages for AWESOME TALES #1.
2. Penciled AWESOME TALES pages.
3. Finished OVERWHELMED strips.
4. Brushes and the nib-tip disposable I’m using for primary inking these days.
5. Misc. corrective tools, pens, and markers.
6. The AWESOME TALES page I’m inking and lettering.
7. Listening to music and podcasts.


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