Tuesday Morning Coffee Sketch

It’s Tuesday, I’m drinking coffee at the kitchen table, and I’m finishing up the AM round of social media/blogging promotions for the latest OVERWHELMED strip.

I’m also working hard to stick to a personal goal to blog as often as possible as I work on comics, so here’s a morning “as I eat eggs and ham” sketch of a haggard dude smoking. Because smoking is still cool.* I might try to make this a regular thing, because Tuesdays are my “work from home” day these days.

*) Smoking is still incredibly unhealthy, don’t do it kids.

One thought on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Sketch

  1. heartstitchedtogether

    Haha I like your drawing! I sketch all the time, and for some reason they always tend to be people smoking. I could do a whole gallery of just that if I wanted to. Very cool^^ (:

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