Leftover homefries with hot sauce and ketchup for lunch while working on a pulp-y prose piece…a pretty excellent Sunday. Homefries, which are basically diced potatoes and onions in a pan, are one of the best all-form meals ever. This batch was from breakfast yesterday (to complement eggs and bacon and coffee), but still is just as good the next day.

I’m hammering away at a short story for something that isn’t a comics script, though what it’s connected to may or may not be comics-related. Non-comics work and doing pages and strips have me pretty busy, but I’m trying to do a bit of writing as well, which is definitely using a different part of my brain. One that’s gone a little rusty. I know I mentioned in a previous post about doing pitches, which is definitely a part of it, but most of my recent pitches have actually been for stuff that’s already mostly fleshed-out and written, so the grunt work of DOING the writing is not something I’m really practiced at.



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