Looking like sh*t…

Drawing comics is really hard. Like, it’s so much harder than I ever thought and the comics I draw are extremely basic-looking and amateur, so I can only imagine the insanity that goes into making actually professional-looking comic books.

And yes, I know that a large part of any creative process and mindset is a healthy amount of self-skepticism and self-criticism, but I know for a fact that when it comes to stuff like character design, draftsmanship, or lettering, I’m kind of fumbling my way through it. I’m really really fumbling my way through it, and people have just happened to be kind enough to me to encourage me.

As I work on something besides strips (Awesome Tales #1), I’m beginning to realize just how terrible my skill-set is. Of course, as a writer I feel like drawing my own comics has improved my skills on that end in that now I know a lot more about pacing, breaking down information per panel, breaking down action beat by beat, etc.

I feel that the comics I’ve written since I started drawing/cartooning are a thousand times better than the comics I wrote before. I KNOW that the comics I’ve written since I started drawing my own as well are better. And in the comics creators I like, I realize that this is reflected in that as well because a lot of my favorite comic book writers (Jeff Parker, Ed Brubaker, etc.) were initially cartoonists or artists (or continue to be artists as well as writers), and bring their art/cartooning sensibility to their writing.

Which isn’t to say that people who JUST write when it comes to comics aren’t any good, because far from it. Again, others in my pantheon of favorite writers come from a writing background (Greg Rucka, Brian Clevinger, etc.) and the work they create is phenomenal.

Like everything I write here, I don’t think there really isn’t a point, I’m mostly rambling. But seriously, drawing comics? It’s not necessarily the only way or the best way, but it is one of the best ways to learn how to write comics.


One thought on “Looking like sh*t…

  1. I’m also concerned about my skill level and that’s been keeping me from creating. I fihure learning and adjusting on your feet is the only way to improve. Or at least get your characters and stories out, I’ve been sitting on things too long.

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