How I spend/spent my spring break

 Prismacolor and Faber-Castell pens over a regular #2 pencil. Three pages, with A LOT more background detail than I usually do. I think it’s just to get the itch of using pens out of me and to take a bit of a break from all the brushwork that goes into OVERWHELMED and AWESOME TALES.

I’m indulging myself in some adventure/humor/sword-n-sorcery stuff, just to see if I can really. It’s my first love. I really loved superhero comics and humor strips as a kid, but what held my attention most of all were fantasy novels like Raymond E. Feist’s “Riftwar” novels and sword-heavy action comic stories like TMNT, CONAN and SOLOMON KANE and KULL THE CONQUEROR. Finding comics later on like USAGI YOJIMBO and GROO THE WANDERER really take me back and make me wish I’d discovered them when I was younger. I wish more people did stuff like that. I know kids’ TV in the past decade has been more oriented towards action that doesn’t involve superheroes (stuff like “Ben 10” for example or “The Last Airbender”), and it always does great.

Sorry, going off on a rant about unrelated stuff…

Anyway, I took this a bit into the start, I think I put about 4 hours into inking and lettering, I wrote and penciled the whole thing yesterday. I really do miss working just with technical/art pens, I really do love the consistency of the line at times compared to the effect of varying thickness that you get with a brush. All you need is a light touch and a few pens with varying size tips, and you can get a really good look with just cross-hatching and solid blacks and whites.

I was going to do this as a recent addition to the backups for AWESOME TALES #1, but I think it’ll just be free on here to view.


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