comics will break your heart

AWESOME TALES #1 is done.

The credit page in the beginning needs to be edited a bit and the pages need to be scanned, but every page is lettered and done, the cover is done, the backups are selected/done, the thank-you page is done (hand-lettered), and the order is more or less set in stone.

This has been one of the most arduous cartooning experiences of my life. I wrote/penciled/lettered/inked (by hand!) a whole comic book. Almost 30 pages of superhero action, humor, some pinup/sketch art, sci-fi, and more. Next step? Scanning and digitally touching-up the pages and getting it prepped file-wise for sale as a digital download and a print-on-demand comic book. I’m hoping to have it at a really good price, but we’ll see what sort of print outlet/POD distributor I end up going with.

So what’s next? No idea. OVERWHELMED is still going on. I know I want to do AT #2, but I know that it’s gonna take a little while. Of course THE ADVENTURES OF IAN QUARRY is also coming up too. But man, this doing-it-yourself cartooning is exhausting. Good thing I plan on retiring by inheriting to work on PRINCE VALIANT and BEETLE BAILEY. Intellectual property dollars, here I come!


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