Stewing on some book collection cover designs for OVERWHELMED. I’d like to think that I could get a nice fat collection of the first few months’ worth of comics into a collection. It’d probably be landscape-style as a book, but right now I’m just tooling around.

The mockup above is actually tied into an idea I’ve been having about doing a book-only collection of OVERWHELMED strips that are single-panel cartoons as a sort of “buy it to get it/read it!” exclusive thing.

I’m trying to create more than just the comic itself for the OVERWHELMED “name.” There’s merch right now, and books soon, and I’m gonna get on high-res prints of strips available for purchase as well soon. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about trying “make your bones” in comics, it’s that sometimes, the art/strips itself isn’t enough. Everyone really knocks newspaper cartoons for some reason, but those guys are real workhorses of comics, creating daily content and being the creative minds behind a title for decades at a time.

That corner of comics is where you want to look to see people trying their hardest at creative cartooning “brands” with not just daily or biweekly or weekly comics, but also self-publishing books and their own merchandise and finding all sorts of outlets for their work.

We’ll see how this goes, just musing for now.


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