Get my comic book AWESOME TALES #1 now!

I have been working on this for a long time, since December. From beginning to end, I decided to do a whole comic book entirely on my own and find a way to release it. It’s been a weird experience drawing comics in book instead of strip format, hammering my way blindly around design and layout, but right now, I’m super-stoked to announce this!


Available at, you can get a physical copy of my anthology comic book AWESOME TALES #1 now! For $5.50 US, you get both a physical AND digital copy of over 20 pages of superhero action, mystery, humor, and more! All written, drawn, and lettered by moi, yours truly.

You can check out a three-page preview I posted a while back right here, and there’s also a preview up at the Lulu page. I’m incredibly proud of this comic and hope to do issues of AWESOME TALES more often with more strips and shorts and art, including the adventures of my superhero creation Horizon the Amazing Man!!!

Buy, get your comic, download the free digital copy, spread the word!!!! I’d really

Also, just sayin’ that if you’re a comics blogger who wants a copy for review, get in touch at and I can send you one. If you’re a comics blogger who’d like to interview me, I’m available to talk about myself and my work like a motherfucker as well, use that email above.


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