Wally Wood

Among the “pantheon” of cartoonists/comic book artists, I’ve only in the past year or so really begun to appreciate Wally Wood‘s work. But once you do…man, was he a visual genius.

I am JUST finding out about this, “Wally Wood’s 22 panels That Always Work,” but according to Steve Lieber;

Wally Wood’s 22 panels That Always Work have been passed around like cartoonist samizdat for decades now, and this is a good thing. But keep in mind, they aren’t a lesson in how to make good comics, they’re something to keep handy in case of emergency. The emergency in question is when a writer has handed you a non-visual script.

As Lieber points out, this is a really interesting reference tool to have for dialogue-heavy cartooning. It also just adds more references for how great he was in preparation and in his execution of comic art, managing to add incredible dynamics (which you can seen even in thumbnails!) to dialogue scenes.

And in an age where it seems like there are a lot of dialogue-heavy comics that are poorly-composed (especially in comparison to random and very active/dynamic action scenes in the same books), I wish more people would reference stuff like this in their work.


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