That one time Wolverine met Freddie Mercury?

I don’t know if I can really do the story of this weird piece of art justice, other than to point to this blog post from Steve Bunche;

Seriously, how the fuck does someone even make the leap in narrative logic from depicting Wolverine stalking through the forest to having him run into Freddie Mercury of Queen for no apparent reason? That, dear readers, is a sign of true creativity.

Anyway, this page, which as Bunche tells us, is unsigned and the name of the artist lost to the sands of time, likes to make the rounds through emails and blogs. Recently, Colleen Coover talked about the page and created her own take of it, making corrections to pace/art/etc, as well as coloring it. I love her version, it’s great.

She also challenged others to do their own takes on redoing the page as she did, and I decided to answer the call and re-interpret the page. Behold my pithy attempts;

I’m both really stoked but not that happy with it, I made my old mistake of mixing brushes with pens in doing the inking (instead of just sticking with one or the other), and I had to re-draw panels 1 and 5 a few times to make them work on a full page instead of thumbnails. There are a bunch of little mistakes that I’m noticing now in anatomy and shading and cross-hatching that I feel like I can’t fix digitally because I STINK at digital touch-ups….

Sorry, beating myself up over my skills. Trying not to do that as much anymore.

I did the thumbnails out really quick to simplify the movement and angles (because I’m not that good at them and because I wanted to not end up spending like 2 days  on backgrounds and other stuff), and then scratched really simple pencils out on Bristol. I’ve been trying to make sure my pencils aren’t too simple and not-there these days, but like I said, I wanted to have fun with this.

Anyway, here you are…my interpretation of that comics urban legend page of that time Wolverine met Queen’s Freddie Mercury. It’s a dumb but hilariously-weird part of comics culture that you don’t need to understand, just laugh at.


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