Always Learning

Inspired by this, I’ve been working hard on panel layouts in various art sketchbooks, cheap-o lined notebooks, and scraps of paper around the office and house.

As I’ve been working on some Ian Quarry scripts recently, I’ve been thumbnailing it as I write it, just to wrestle with making sure what I see in my head can be put onto paper, maybe work with what I see in my head so that maybe I can find other ways of describing it and laying it out.

Why do the thumbnails sometimes look so much better than finished pages?

I might end up even being so bold as to apply my own lessons to an Ian Quarry story all on my own (instead of just writing), but right now that’s just dust in the wind, so to speak. Regardless, I like learning new techniques and tricks to help Make Comics, because i feel like it’s always a learning process, and admittedly a very public one.

Which is what’s so awesome about it, I guess.


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