on Stacy Curtis, Richard Thompson, & CUL DE SAC

I’ve been really enjoying the new wave of Cul De Sac strips where, after a short hiatus, Richard Thompson is now working with former editorial cartoonist & children’s book illustrator Stacy Curtis on making the comic. Richard took a short break from the comic for some guest strips, as part of his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s he undertook a regime of physical therapy.

Stacy’s inking over Richard’s pencils/layouts have that same natural-ness to them line-wise that Richard did before his hiatus. It’s not directly “the same” per se. Stacy’s work, in being in the exact same spirit as Richard’s, doesn’t need to be. If it was, it’d look bad.

You can actually hear Stacy talk about his art/comics background and how he got involved with Cul De Sac over at Tall Tall Radio. It’s a good talk, Tom and Stacy talk about other stuff like political cartooning and kid’s books, as well as the strip and how Richard apparently works him like a whip-wielding slave driver.


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