I want to ride my bicycle

Working on maybe drawing some IAN QUARRY shorts on my own, we shall see if they go anywhere.

Using Stephen’s models is rough, way harder than I thought. He’s got an awesome style that’s so different from what I’m used to and I don’t really wanna go off-model because he totally captured the look of the character, which I can’t wait for you guys to see in the final pages.

As of right now this one page is silent since my attempts at digital lettering previously have been…less than stellar. We’ll see, maybe I’ll go super old-school, cut out balloons and paste them over the original page when I scan it. I’ve never done it before and don’t really have the tools for it, so we’ll see how this little cartooning experiment goes. I might even add to it to make it a more cohesive story as a silent story. I’m really just experimenting with different stuff, pretty much, trying to see what works and how stuff works.

I love comics that sometimes come into life by being ideas or techniques thrown against the wall to see what sticks, so sometimes throwing stuff against the wall is the only way to learn.


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