War Comics, & issue 2 of AWESOME TALES!

Just sort of decided to do a war comic, so a week ago I wrote/thumbnailed a three-page story. Most of the writing was done at the thumbnail stage for this, and it’s pretty much done like an old war comic story from the 50’s and 60’s, at least in my head. I didn’t really read war comics as a kid, I liked superhero stuff, horror comics, and fantasy/sword-n-sorcery stuff. I’ve only really appreciated them later on in life.

For whole pages, I tend to thumbnail/lay out comics nowadays when I’m writing them to get a general sense of the flow of the story, based on notes/ideas I’ll write down. Then I work in stages finalizing pencils and dialogue before finishing. This is probably gonna end up changing as I get towards the end pencil- and writing-wise, either getting longer or shorter, as well as the story adding or removing a few things. This is compared to a strip, where I find myself getting most of the writing and layouts finalized in the thumbnails, and then just do the art and lettering entirely off of that (filling in details).

I think it’ll be one of the stories in AWESOME TALES! #2, once I eventually get around to that. The plan for that issue’s mostly unknown now but I want to try and have a bigger mix of stuff. Of course, as The Exclusive Place to get stories featuring the heroic Horizon, The Amazing Man, there’ll be a few pages of his latest escapades.

Speaking of which, I should probably get to work on that. I’m doing a short thing that’ll probably go into issue 2 alongside this, and I’ve been brainstorming some Horizon story ideas. Back to the grind!


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