another little sneak-preview from RUNNING THE TRAIN…AND OTHER STORIES

Because I’m in the giving mood, and because I’m also trying to drum up interest, here’s some more prose previews! You can click below to check out a little more from my upcoming novella/short story collection RUNNING THE TRAIN…AND OTHER STORIES, which will be available next week!!! STAY TUNED!

You can see the original preview I posted here still click to see the new one below;

“No shit?” Pete said, looking at Ben. “So this is like, a real case?”

     “I have real cases!”

     “Not like this, you don’t.” Pete finished staring at the last page, transferred some numbers over to the large legal-sized sheets of paper he was scrawling more legible names and different numbers onto. “Okay, I think I got the last month or two. You know, I think you might be onto something. There’s another column of numbers here, see?” He pointed to the first column in the translations, a set of five numbers that changed periodically as you went down the list. “What do those look like?” Ben stared, it not making sense, until about a third of the way into the second page.


“Holy shit.” 11354, the postal code for Flushing. “They’re postal codes, she’s tracking her own patterns so her phone can’t be tracked.”

“Is she using a throwaway?” Pete said, and Kalli was on her own phone with her agency, talking low but urgently. “Yeah,” Ben said, “one of those pay-as-you go smartphones, she switches up every few weeks.” He looked at the list, then fished his own notebook out of his back pocket, flipping through battered pages, consulted quickly. “Doesn’t synch up with the change in codes, though.”


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