Introducing the Monthlies!

As I’ve been getting started with my next big project, a full-length book manuscript, I’ve decided to launch a new “mini-project,” I guess you’d call it.

The Monthlies is a monthly short fiction feed, new short stories from me every month (the current schedule shows a new story every 27th!). It’s a way to flex my brain with some writing and editing something different from one large long-running project. There’ll be a wide variety of short stories going up there, from very short stuff under 4k words to long ones over 10k words. Some will be romantic, some will be mysteries, some will be horror, and some will be slice-of-life stuff. I’m trying to not only come up with new shorts but also breath some life into older ones, proofing and editing and rewriting them.

There are subscription options for email and RSS, or you can follow it on Twitter (@the_monthlies) to get udates every month as they go up!

Anway, check it out, subscribe, and read the first story, “The Dadaelus Affair (an Ian Quarry Adventure),” a short story featuring my character Sir Ian Quarry!


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