Look, more comics!

Similarly to what I did with “The Nullspace” short from AWESOME TALES! #2 I posted recently, I’m just going to be posting the various shorts of that issue periodically here, for free. No one’s really bought any of them to be honest, so I think we can consider AWESOME TALES!  a bit of a bust for now, and just start to give that stuff all away.

Anyway, this is an untitled little noir/crime 2-pager from the issue that I really enjoyed doing. I had rediscovered the infamous Wally Wood 22 Panels guide and was itching to try some of them in something, and AT! seemed as good a place as any. The lettering isn’t exactly that great, I’ll admit to rushing it a bit and not taking the time to correct it, but overall I think it works.

I hope you like this, I love crime/noir/mystery comics and stories, and can’t wait to do more.


2 thoughts on “Look, more comics!

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