My guest strip for POKEWEED, & purposely burying your work

There will be a point to this, I swear.


Last year, I think, I did a guest strip for Drew Pocza’s webcomic POKEWEED, which was fun to think up and do.

It chronologically/canonically takes place after this strip for some bizarre reason, I don’t know why I did that, I think I just particularly liked the Snuggie jokes and then came up with this joke, which I still consider one of the funniest thing I’ve ever written. I normally could not give a shit about canon, especially with strips. Also, I really like the way the lettering came out in this strip, it’s still with a regular pen (I wasn’t brushpen lettering like I did later on with Overwhelmed).

Anyway, I don’t know why it never went anywhere or showed up, or if it ever will. I don’t even really like how it came out anymore, but I sort of hate for it to be lost in the ether to be honest.

Then again, there’s some work I’ve done that I’ve purposely let dangle and drift in the Web, placeholding but not doing much besides being a less-than-effective archival effort, something inevitable in the web age. I remember reading/listening to an interview with one of my favorite writers, Ed Brubaker, and the interviewer made mention of Brubaker’s early work as a cartoonist, and whether or not we’d see reissues/rereleases of his work from that part of his life. He made a reference to not really wanting to, and sort of enjoying that, and how it reminded him of when he was younger and how it wasn’t so easy always to find the early works of creators. Not in a “fuck you, you’ll never see it, buy my current shit” sort of way necessarily though, which I enjoyed as a viewpoint.

Nowadays and we’re in the third and fourth wave of webcartoonists creating work on the web, and first- and second-wavers not on their original work anymore and not the best at archiving those old comics, you see a web version of this, archaic and lapsed URL’s with poorly-designed archives that have been forgotten as better addons and sites for new strips and web comics have appeared.

The same goes for the’s of the web (a still-thriving but not on-the-radar-resource online) and the LiveJournal communities, hidden deep in that website, of fiction writing and publishing by amateurs who turned online diaries into DIY fiction magazines. Just like print runs lapse and originals get stuffed into the back closet because you’re too busy working on a new project, URL’s drift in the ether and we sometimes forget to update the rights to a host, and things are lost. Links break.

It all makes me seriously wonder if it’s worth it to maintain some presence for all the comics I did before AWESOME TALES! and OVERWHELMED, both of which also are on hiatus as I focus on noncomics fiction. Should I let them all lie? Should I take them all down? Collect them somewhere?

It feels a little dumb to think about all this stuff as I’ve been digging through my computer to post comics I know no one’s seen that I’ve done, and that some of the stories in THE MONTHLIES project I have going on are revamped older shorts I initially wrote/started a long time ago, but hey, just thinking out loud…


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