Happy 2013


Hey there, been a while!

It’s been a busy month, I’ve been actually seriously gotten hip-deep into writing the next Ben Miles book BETTER THE DEVIL, a Ben Miles tie-in novella called THE FOLLOWER, as well as various short stories for THE MONTHLIES. There are a few comic projects sitting in folders waiting for a good artist, and other things to shop around.

I’m always on Twitter talking about stupid things like baseball and coffee and books, and have been treating my Tumblr as a sort of open web-based version of the research/inspiration/unorganized notebooks I carry around everywhere with me in “meatspace,” or whatever it is that hackers call the real world.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and is gearing up for a positive and non-shitty 2013. I know I did and I am. Stay stoked, America, or wherever you’re from, Canada or Europa or whatever.


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