Have you been following THE MONTHLIES?


There is a new story up at THE MONTHLIES right now, “Apartment Living,” that I’m quite proud of. I hope you enjoy it, check it out, check out the other stuff too. I’m trying to just crank out a lot of stuff these days, which explains the blog silence, though like I said I do kill time on Tumblr and Twitter a lot (mostly Twitter, let’s be honest).

Anyway, come hell or high water, the next Ben Miles book BETTER THE DEVIL will be out end of 2013 the latest, there’s a new THE MONTHLIES short up now and more next month (there’s a new Ben Miles story, free, in the next few months coming up), and I’d like to maybe get back to doing some comics in the near future, so we’ll see about that.


One thought on “Have you been following THE MONTHLIES?

  1. man good for you for being so productive. I’m always inspired when I read stories like this about people getting motivated to do a lot of work and get things done, but at the same time it’s also a little shaming because I know I’m not working as hard as I could be. But thanks for the proxy encouragement, I’ll try to use this as motivation to get some more work done myself.

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