we’re on power-saving mode here, I guess…

I just wanted to pop up over here, remind people I still exist in cohesive sentences (just not at this site, which is less a blog and more an official web presence I guess), and bring this up;

I’ve been trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to treat my personal Tumblr blog as a place for weird essays and idea pieces. However, there are a few up that I really like and think they came out quite well. One is a review of Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, another is about the recent controversy surrounding the hiring of Orson Scott Card to write a Superman comic, and this one on comics criticism and the inherit problems I’ve found with it.

I’m hoping to ramp up my nonfiction critical writing some more, but I like to say that periodically, and well…better to just write when it comes to me right now. Anyway,  got stuff on the computer and at the desk I’m working on, including something I’d like to launch soon that’s all new and I’m excited for.

Stay tuned…


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