Introducing THE FOLLOWER

So I’ve decided out of the kindness of my heart and all that hippy crap that I will be serializing my side-project novella THE FOLLOWER, a mystery/espionage story set in the “universe” of Ben Miles, online for free, chapter by chapter.

You can check out the site and the RSS and email subscription options right here.

Posts will be beginning in a few weeks, in the start of March. Stay tuned.

I’ve been thinking a lot about serialized stories in magazines like Reader’s Digest, Vanity Fair, pulp magazines, comic anthologies, and cheap sci-fi fiction publications, and how no one really does that anymore. Anthologies are such an awesome way way to follow multiple stories monthly or weekly or bimonthly, but in fiction these days they’re such a weird rarity. So in the tradition of those types of outlets (as well as my other current monthly fiction series THE MONTHLIES), we’ll be doing this as a once-a-month thing, with a new chapter with ever installment.

I’m excited for this to get off the ground. Hope you enjoy it as well.


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