Hey, check out “Black Ink” and some other stuff!

Woohoo! New stuff and old! Announcements and cheese! BRING FORTH THE BELL OF DOOM!

– A fan of Ben Miles and my book RUNNING THE TRAIN?

Well good news for you, because the free monthly Ben Miles serialized story BLACK INK; A SERIALIZED MYSTERY STARRING BEN MILES, P.I. has gone live! Check it out!

Manta Publishing hires black sheep PI/bondsman Ben Miles for a seemingly-simple job, tracking down a missing piece of art in the estate of deceased famous cartoonist, Kirby Hale. In and out, Ben figures it’s an easy paycheck, one he needs. But nothing’s ever simple for a case Ben takes on, and it’s more than likely he’s gonna end up getting punched in the face over some comics…

– Also,

There’s new stuff up at THE FOLLOWER with the adventures of Lyle trying to figure out what went wrong on a job in the American Midwest. The latest chapter is a bit of an interlude, but you can catch up at the site in the archive!

After a few guest stories by good friends, there’s a new story up at THE MONTHLIES by yours truly, just some short but noteworthy terror . And if you’re interested in more you can browse through the archives there as well for original short fiction.


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