The minibook A FLASH OF DOOM out now!

photo (1)

He is wizard, scholar, detective, and more. The greatest purveyor of mystic energies to stalk the land battling the dark forces, Sir Ian Quarry is a sorcerer like no other. No threat exists in the dark shadows of the hidden realms that he cannot defeat…or is there?

“A Flash of Doom” is a collection of the shorts “The Secret of the Pact,” “The Dadealus Affair,” and “The Mystery of the Mysteries,” plus the script to “The Babylon Gold,” an issue of the long-lost Ian Quarry comic series! 

Collecting some of the short stories I wrote featuring my pulp Victorian English sorcerer character Sir Ian Quarry (from the upcoming comic with Stephen Garza “The Doom On The Moors”), A FLASH OF DOOM is just some material I wanted to get out there that’s been sitting on my computer.

It’s $0.99 for multiple e-formats and e-readers, so check it out and enjoy!


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