Up For Air, Still Alive…And Kicking

Oh hey, look who’s still around?

Things have been hectic over here at Casa de Koutsoutis. I started a new job last month that eats up a lot of my time (so social media like Twitter and Tumblr have been the best places to find me), done a little traveling, started working out, did a 5k run/walk (mostly walk), started some essay writing, but have managed to get a few things rolling.

The biggest is probably CARRION AT THE DOOR, which just came out this week, an 85b8c0f711c49749b621c5e01793f9416dd8fec5e-book collection of the scariest and most crime-y stories from my monthly short story series THE MONTHLIES.

Speaking of which, THE MONTHLIES is on hiatus (for me), but is open to short story submissions from others if you’re interested, so head on over there why don’tcha, eh?

Both of my serialized online novellas, BLACK INK and THE FOLLOWER are still going strong, and I’m hoping to wrap up THE FOLLOWER in the next few months as I focus on a few other projects, and maybe do some kind of digital e-book release for it. We’ll see.

I might have another serialized thing in me at one point, but that’s a ways off. I like the format and want to still try to do stuff with it.

On the comics front, I’m hoping to build a new place on here for people to read and get my comics, including the OVERWHELMED book and the issues of AWESOME TALES! I did. I’m no longer publishing them through Lulu.com, having parted ways with that platform, so right now the only way to see my comics is to either A) beg me via email, or B) just go to the OVERWHELMED site and read those.

On the ever-shifting “upcoming work” front, I’ve tentatively started a new comic, code-named “WYB,” which I’ve posted a bit about on Twitter and Instagram, but that’s a ways off. How it’ll be coming out is…up in the air.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on, I’m in the midst of a lot of work and a bit of change. It’s been an interesting year and a half since I got back to New York, and I look forward to it getting even weirder. Stay tuned…


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