An update, and a buddy

I’m busy wrapping up the last bits of THE FOLLOWER, one of the two serialized novellas I’ve got going on, soon. I’d hoped to have it set up entirely to run through until the spring before Thanksgiving, but we’ll see. It’s been a battle writing this mother, one I’ve figured a lot out of doing that I’ll carry on to other projects.

The second online novella, BLACK INK, updates today though, with an interesting and cool twist I’m quite proud of. Check it out.

Speaking of cool stuff, Internet writing bro Dave Hopkins has a book out on product_thumbnail.phpLulu that he co-wrote with Nancy Meyers, The Wild and Wayward Tales of Tammi True. It’s available now;

In the 1960s, Nancy Powell became TAMMI TRUE, the burlesque headliner at Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. She lived a double life, PTA mom by day and stripper by night. Then Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald and everything changed.

From Catholic school to the juvenile court system, from a noisy club in Dallas to a quiet farm in the country, Nancy’s life is wondrous and wayward, hilarious and heartfelt. Here it is, her world in her own words—in and out of the spotlight, and ready for an encore.

Tammi True bares it all.

You should check it out, it’s pretty cool.


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