Holiday Cheers, Holiday Beers



It’s the day before Christmas Eve, my first day off of the holiday break, and I’ve been spending it busy working on stuff. Today is probably my last writing day of 2013, so I’m taking advantage of it to work on some stuff. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be immersed in holiday shenanigans. I’ve got a “welcome to 2014” blog post brewing with a list of stuff that’ll be coming up from me as well as a list of cool other projects from other friends to check out, but that probably won’t be showing up until some time in January.

Also, BLACK INK, my private eye serialized novella, has updated today with chapter 6 in the tale of Ben Miles on the trail of the missing comic strip art. You get a little more information about last month’s twist, so now’s a great time to catch up. We’re gonna take a little hiatus in January 2014 and be back in February (or so, I hope!) on that.

Anyway, thanks for a great 2013, it’s been a very excellent year. Stay sane these holidays.


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